#travrelogue part 2

Most people maybe have questions, why use travrelogue ?. What is travrelogue anyway ?. Is there any relation with travelogue ?. Many question I presume hehehe. Look, actually I don’t have any specific reason, it just pop in my mind. That’s all. How should I explain it ?. Okay… maybe the “r” in travrelogue has a connection with my hobby with R language just now. Just google it will you don’t ask what is R language, hahaha. But don’t worry I’ll explain it in my blog andrey.web.id soon enough. R for research is another reason but I’m disappoint because in medium.com I can’t create another tag using travrelogue so I will put in the header of my article so everyone knew.

In this part 2 I will give short explain about dream… yes your dream, my dream, everyone dream. Everybody has a dream, no ?. Do you have a dream ?. I have dreams. Don’t you want to chase your dream ?. My dreams are like pieces in one big puzzle. Every piece is important but like a puzzle you have to put piece by piece precisely. There is priority number one then number two and the rest.

My number one is the most crucial part of my entire dream. This is the big dream where everything else can be lost except this. Why is so important ?. Because if I can’t make this dream then my life is useless and hopeless. My first and big dream so I can step my legs in jannah (heaven) tomorrow and I can rest in peace. To make this come true I have to follow the path of my prophet Muhammad Shalallohu alaihi wa Salam.

Number two is less priority than number one. I want to make my parent proud and happy. My father told me that he was from poor farmer family. My father has many brothers and sisters but only him can step up from the poor situation. He always told me that he just want all of his children can step up with their own legs and of course with the help from Alloh Rabbul Alamin. To make this happen I try to apply local government scholarship and try surpassing my father and make him proud too, hehehe. Bi idznillah, Alloh answer my du’a, alhamdulillah. That is all for now… and sorry for my poor English :D

Network Security Enthusiasts, Founder of ATSOFT Teknologi

Network Security Enthusiasts, Founder of ATSOFT Teknologi